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DIY: Transparent satchel

Over the last couple of years it has annoyed me that it is almost impossible to get my hands on the craft materials required to create good DIY projects. For that reason, I’m super excited to have stumbled upon Wander and Hunt!

I’m thrilled because one of those kits is the DIY Transparent Satchel. Because it’s transparent it goes with just about everything. The kit is super easy, and here is my result:

SAM_7342 SAM_7355 SAM_7354 SAM_7357SAM_7400

DIY: Shoe clips

I’m a student and can not afford to buy new shoes every time I get tired of the ones I have. Therefore I have started making shoes clip. This makes it very easy to renew the look of the shoes. The procedure is the same as I’ve used here:SAM_7282 SAM_7236 SAM_7232 SAM_7243

DIY: Jeweled statement earrings

I’ve been experimenting with making expensive looking jewelry without the soldering aspect. With a little PVC, some glue and a few little rhinestones, it’s super simple to make some gorgeous jeweled earrings.



A collection of rhinestones
Two small pieces of clear PVC sheet
Superglue (make sure it is the type that dries clear)
Clip-on earring backs


1. Plan out your rhinestone design on a flat surface. Once you are happy with it, take a photo of the design with your phone.

2. Start gluing the stones to the piece of PVC, beginning from the top and copying the pattern you designed.

3. Use your scissors to cut out any pieces of PVC that aren’t covered by stones.

4. Continue until the design is done, trimming the PVC so it is completely hidden behind the rhinestones.

5. Leave overnight to dry.

6. Once the stones are set, turn over and glue the clip-on earring backs to the top edge of the PVC.

7. Once again, leave overnight to dry.